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Web hosting for reseller (Reseller web hosting - FAQ)  

Q : Why Reseller web hosting services from Ecomsiam.?

Q : We give freedom to Ecomsiam to you or your team. Marketing, customer contact, design.All you need to host it with us. We will take care of the technical matters. You take care of your customer. [Click .. View details. Benefits of reseller web hosting]

Q : I was able to show in the Control panel Control panel of my clients or not?

A : Sure!! You can modify your control panel to the control panel display customer as your company name or the color of the background color of Text, which lets you create your own (private brand for reseller web hosting)

Q : I can sell hosting customers do not know that I was the Ecomsiam Reseller web hosting or not.?

A : Sure! Your clients never know that you are the Ecomsiam Reseller web hosting, because here we provide you with your own Virtual Domain Name Server (NS.yourdomain.com).

* Virturl Name Server(DNS) Is a privilege that will be specific to the  web hosting Reseller, Reseller will be received only by the DNS of Domain Name Reseller. Reseller itself such as a Domain name "resellerdns.com" on the DNS. DNS will be named "ns.resellerdns.com" IP Address and    "ns2.resellerdns.com on led Reseller DNS. Set it to the customer's Domain Reseller and make it virtual. Reseller Host web hosting your own not under Ecomsiam Reseller.

Known DNS Name Server.

The use of domain names on the Internet. It is easier to remember than the numbers for the people. But while the device is connected to the IP as because the numbers do not need to convert the data again. Can process it. Have a computer. The act of converting a numeric IP address for a domain name.

Which these machines will be installed to serve a domain name for it before it normally used to refer to the two parts.

Primary Name Server
The primary computer storage device name and IP address of the domain name if it is more. Or a change in the domain name will be on this machine as ns1.ecomsiam.com.

Secondary Name Server
A backup copy of the data stored in the machine's IP address and the domain name will receive information from the Primary Name Server ns2.ecomsiam.com.

Q : If you are ordering Web Hosting to customers how long it will take to use a Web hosting.?

A : Our system is a "Web hosting Automation". You can access the Control panel Add domain immediately.The instant the customer needs it.

You can learn the details of reseller web hosting by clicking here.

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